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Loan Pre Approval: why you need it

A home loan pre-approval is an essential step in the mortgage process. It provides confirmation that you are eligible to apply for a home loan of a specific amount. The lender thoroughly examines your financial situation to determine if you meet their requirements and have the ability to repay the mortgage. Obtaining pre-approval is highly recommended as it offers numerous advantages and should be considered your first step when searching for a property.

Determine your borrowing capacity

Before embarking on your property search, it is crucial to establish the amount you can borrow. While online calculators provide a rough estimate based on your income and savings, they don’t account for your living expenses and financial commitments. A pre-approved loan, on the other hand, gives you an accurate understanding of your affordability. It provides a comprehensive picture of your finances and sets a clear spending limit. Furthermore, obtaining pre-approval through a trustworthy broker, such as myself, can uncover potential issues you may have overlooked.

Save time during property hunting

Imagine investing significant time searching for your dream home, only to discover that you can’t secure the necessary financing. By obtaining pre-approval, you confirm your borrowing capacity and save time by avoiding properties beyond your financial reach. This ensures you invest your efforts in viable options, preventing disappointment down the line.

Gain a competitive edge

In a competitive property market, acting swiftly is paramount. Desirable properties are sold rapidly, and having a pre-approval allows you to make an offer promptly. With pre-approval in hand, you can confidently negotiate and make an immediate offer, positioning yourself as a serious buyer. This is particularly advantageous when participating in auctions, enabling you to negotiate from a position of strength.

Protect your deposit

Before parting with your hard-earned deposit, it is essential to ensure you can secure the necessary home loan to complete the purchase. Without pre-approval, you risk losing your deposit if issues arise regarding your eligibility or if the lender does not approve the required loan amount. Pre-approval serves as a financial safeguard, granting you peace of mind. Additionally, when buying at an auction, where deposits are non-refundable, pre-approval becomes even more critical. Confirming your solid finance approval beforehand is strongly recommended.

Property evaluation is necessary

Upon finding your ideal property, you will still need to formally apply for a loan from the lender. During this process, the lender will require a valuation of the selected property. In addition to establishing your home loan budget, it is crucial to confirm whether the lender approves the chosen property. Certain factors, such as remote location, inadequate property value to support the loan amount, or perceived risks associated with the location, may render a property unacceptable to certain lenders.

Take the first step and apply for a loan pre-approval today

If you are prepared to embark on your search for a new home or investment property, reach out to us today to arrange your pre-approval. We will guide you through the process, enabling you to shop for your dream property with confidence.

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