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Our Story

trusted experts

over 25 years of experience

At Broad Finance, we’re convinced that when you talk to a finance broker, arranging a loan is only part of the story. The real value is found in achieving your goals – which is where we come in.

Throughout our 20 years of operation we’ve stood out from the crowd by delivering expert industry knowledge and a strong commitment to our clients during every transaction. No matter where in Australia you are, we’re committed to bringing you the best rates and terms available.

Founded by Esther Porter in 2000, Broad Finance has established a reputable brand by providing unique solutions and assistance. Broad was founded on Esther’s philosophy;

“To provide integrated financing solutions which meet the immediate business and investment needs of clients, while recognising the priority of long-term goals for personal and financial security.”

Exceptional Service

Fast, simple lending

Bree Dawes, previously employed at Broad Finance, took on the role of Managing Director and Senior Finance Broker in 2019 and is focused on expanding the business throughout Australia to ensure all businesses have the opportunity and access to simple and effective finance solutions.

Having previously coached mortgage brokers throughout Australia to grow and diversify their businesses through introducing asset finance, Bree decided to take the bold leap and buy into Broad Finance.

Broad’s passion lies in building long-term relationships with clients and businesses, by understanding their objectives and ensuring they have the best resources and support in place to achieve them. Renowned as an efficient and effective operator, Broad makes financing simple and effortless – every time.

For your finance enquiries, contact our team today.