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Unsecured business loans can be a good option for businesses looking for extra funds. Unlike traditional secured loans, unsecured business loans do not require assets or collateral for security, 

This can be ideal for startups still in their early stages or technology companies who may not have tangible assets to offer as collateral. Especially in today’s digital world, these are becoming more common for innovative businesses to secure the funding they need. 

Instead of physical collateral, lenders will look to things like trading history, future earning potential, or a personal guarantee to mitigate their risk. These loans are often faster to secure and process, and are more accessible to a wider population. 

In many cases, unsecured loans are short term agreements. The loan may stretch as long as 36 months. Lenders will often charge higher interest rates to compensate for the lack of collateral. However, many business owners find these loans useful when they need cash quickly. 

Unsecured loans can be put to use in hiring new employees, investing in new equipment or locations, growing a new business, and more. To find out if an unsecured loan is right for your business, give us a call. We’ll outline the risks, rewards, and considerations to help you make the right decision.

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A Master Limit is an overall lending limit facility which allows the customer to access funds quickly and easily for each asset purchase, without having to go through the application process each time. This is suitable for companies who have an ongoing need to purchase equipment.

A Novated Lease is a three-way agreement between the bank, the customer and their employer. It’s a method of salary packaging your car, where the lease payment is taken from your pre-tax income.

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