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Why Christmas time is the best time to go house hunting!

Ah, the holidays! It’s not just about the Christmas cheer and soaking up the Aussie summer sun. It’s also a fantastic time to go house hunting.

Here’s why hitting up those open homes during the holidays could be a really smart move:

1. Eager sellers alert!

Spring is usually the time when everyone’s out buying houses, so if a place is still up for grabs by summer, the seller is probably itching to make a deal. With this year’s spring auctions not as hot as usual, there could be lots of choices out there. This means sellers might be more up for a chat about dropping their prices.

2. Less rush, more bargaining

Looking for a house in spring can be really busy, with an increased amount of people out inspecting properties. But during the holidays, a lot of folks are busy with other stuff, so there are fewer buyers around. This means less competition for you and a better chance to negotiate a good price.

3. An opportunity to lock in current prices before further increases

With the trend of rising property prices, purchasing a home now – even at a higher rate than last year-might be a wise decision. Prices could continue to climb, so buying during the holiday season might mean securing a property before it becomes even more costly.

4. Time is on your side

Buying a house takes a lot of looking around and thinking. But with some time off during the holidays, you have more time to go to houses’ inspections and think about what you want, without the rush of everyday life. It’s all about using that holiday time wisely.

5. Transactions are completed sooner

During the holidays, everyone (including real estate agents and sellers) wants to get things done before the new year. So, you might find that the process to finish buying a house could be accelerated. Plus, sometimes, special options for home loans become available during this time.

So why not mix things up this summer? Take a little break from the beach and see if you can land a great new place.

If you’re thinking of buying a property in the coming months, talk to me about getting pre-approved for a home loan now. Who knows, you might just start the new year with a new home!

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